One Secret of Getting Higher Blog Traffic Revealed

In this blog post, I will reveal how one of my articles averages 800 views a month. And that's just one. Imagine if I made 10 of those? or 20? or 30? And you think it'd be a hard article to write? Not really because I got it for free and copied directly from paper. Allow me to show you how:

hubpages stats

As you can see in the photo above, my HubPages article about Honda Cars Philippines Price List Promo 2011, published in the 1st of March, has gotten over five thousand page views already. That's an average of around 800 views a month since it was posted.

And yes, I got this article for free as I explained in my blog post about Where to Get Free Blog Articles. I just got a flier from the dealership with all the models and prices, generated a bit of original content for the intro and conclusion and the rest was just copied directly from the paper.

And no, copied content is only illegal when you copy from the internet because this confuses the search engine and the Google crawlers (these are little robotos, also called spiders, who crawl around the "web" and take note of how things are linked or connected). Plus, it's almost impossible to have exactly the same thing because everyone will write the data differently. Like maybe I can put the color first then the price, etc. The possible combinations are just so many that it's improbable to get the same thing.

Plus, car companies usually have a blatant disregard for SEO (the arrogance!) and use Flash websites. Remember that the crawlers, even those reinforced by Google Panda, can't really comprehend animations, videos, music, or photos and rely solely on keywords, an issue I've settled when I compared Google to IBM's Watson (an AI robot that can play Jeopardy).

Keywords I'm ranking in for just one article

With car companies using Flash, it means that there isn't really an authority site to beat. Aside from the fact that they have thousands of natural backlinks making them rank for their name and the car models, it makes it so easy for bloggers to rank for long-tail keywords such as the one I used (Honda Cars Philippines Price List Promo 2011) because these authority sites or car companies aren't really competing for that spot. And again, there are thousands of possible combinations of keywords all untapped and waiting be exploited. And not many are writing about keywords as specific as this and as I have said there's so much untapped market in the internet universe.

People are always buying cars yearly and it doesn't stop. Instead of going around dealerships, people nowadays prefer to use the internet. This is really a goldmine waiting to be tapped. Think of those keywords for 2012, for instance. And what if I don't limit myself to just Honda and blog about other car companies. What if I don't limit myself to the Philippines?

And you can do the same. You can easily make money just by blogging. You're probably thinking, why the hell is Harry revealing all this? Well, you see, as the title of the post suggests, this is merely one of the many secrets that is revealed. In fact, this is just 800 a month of what is now reaching up to 40,000 page views a month. I have recently discovered that I am no longer allowed to post screenshots of my earnings. Surely though, back when I was still posting screenshots, you saw the trend and saw that this growth in traffic is inevitable and will continue to grow.

This is me laughing at the stupid Panda. So be sure to come back for more secrets and techniques in the art of beating the search engine.

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