On Google's Algorithms and IBM's Watson

In my Watson Jeopardy Challenge article, I discussed how research and development in the field of artificial intelligence can significantly improve search engines. I looked into the philosophical aspect of it all--can Watson really understand vs is human understanding composed of predictable patterns.

A friend posted a news link on my wall about how Google has changed its secret search formula and is now more discerning (http://bit.ly/hoWJLC). Google says "...it is important for high-quality sites to be rewarded, and that's exactly what this change does."

There are many things though that Google still can't do. For instance, it cannot comprehend photos or flash because it is dependent on words and it always will be. It can collect and compare data but it will never be able to understand. It's classic syntax vs semantics. It won't ever know what quality is and will always just be programed processes that deal with quantitative data.

Of course, I understand that Google's search engine may one day be even more powerful than Watson. There are always new changes and developments that really make Google's search formula more accurate. Not so long ago, my predecessors were still in use of the HTML meta tags or metadata but now that kind of thing is supposedly useless when it comes to search engine optimization. What if one day backlinks and keywords will be insignificant as well? I can only imagine.

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