Google Panda is Killing Me

Google Panda is seemingly slaying me as I see a trending decline in my traffic.

hubpages google panda
My stats on HubPages

Look at that stupid panda pretending to be all cute and innocent when deep inside it's really laughing at my current helplessness. I've been doing everything that I can to stop it: backlinking like crazy, sharing non-stop on my social media accounts, and writing everyday and even doing that 30-day HubPages challenge thing. But the views are continuing to drop as the search engine pretends it can distinguish what "quality" really is.

Let this blog post be my declaration of war on this bamboo-eating pest. Mark my words, panda, you will eat my spam three times a day. I will do what I was put here on earth for: I will beat the search engine. You will cry and beg for mercy. You will wish that your creators, those who have slides in their offices and free buffet for lunch in fancy Mountain View: you will wish they never conceived the idea of you.

Google Panda tried to kill the metal...
but it failed as it was stricken down to the ground.

Yes, you are killing me but I will not die. I will live on. Historians of the future will write about my glorious victory and no euphemism will be able to conceal your horrible and brutal death.

#boredom haha

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  1. I am so with you on this post. I can so relate to this! I have been struggling since April and I am determined to fight this Panda until the bitter end!!!! The Panda is evil.. yes, I agree! He's cute and cuddly but deep inside he is a monster bent on destroying the small guy.
    "You can't destroy the metal"... ha! Great track!


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