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Can't think of anything to write about? Well, I'll show you how you can easily get free articles just by getting fliers and brochures. Yes, you don't even have to think in order to make money online through blogging.

A few days ago, I had to go to the Alabang branch of Honda Cars Philippines. I was waiting for my car that I left there for the 20,000 km check up. While waiting, I got so bored that I decided to walk around. Then I saw a flier with all their current car models, the prices, and other helpful information. I kept it cause I knew I could blog about it and I did. This flier gave birth to my Hubpages article Honda Cars Philippines Price List Promo 2011.

Imagine, I was able to make a whole article just by copying information directly from the paper. I just add a bunch of keywords and I have a possible article that will have good rankings and traffic. By putting "2011" in the keyword, I also make sure that I will be getting consistent views throughout the year.

So you're probably wondering if this article will really rank on Google? Well, it already is for a number of keywords. Here's a list of some of the keywords that I'm already ranking for:
Just for the mindless effort of copying information from a flier, I am already getting traffic. The Google Ads are also providing relevant ads from AyosDito or Sulit and many others and this also increases my chances of clicks. So if you're planning to search any of the keywords in the list above, you just might end up in my article.

And technically, it isn't spam. Because come to think of it, it's real information that comes directly from Honda. So I'm able to help out Honda, I get to help consumers who are looking to buy a car, and I get to have traffic for my ads, Google earns from advertising--everybody wins!

So the next time you see some person handing out fliers or brochures, be sure to get one so you can start having free articles and start making money online just by blogging!


  1. This is an interesting idea. Is this something that an seo agency does to produce their content? I am always a little afraid of plagiarism when it comes to using other people's wording. Is this completely legal?

  2. This is not legal at all, he committed plagiarism and copyright infringement. This is the lowest of the low. I can't believe he recommended this illegal practice.

    You might think you are helping Honda, but they probably believe differently. The proper course of action is to contact Honda and ask permission or for article copy. I'm sure reporters, bloggers or news agents know where to go or who to contact.

  3. I didn't copy them word for word, you idiot. I just used the data. For instance, if I write about the prices of cars, of course I'll need references instead of inventing prices from the top of my head. Please read the article again.

  4. You can't commit copywrite infringement if a piece isn't copywritten.
    Flyers and other "public" pieces are typically not copywritten. And as the author has stated are good sources for material-Rick, you do not have a clue. I went to your blogger profile-you are to young to really know what the hell you are talking about.

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