Search Engine Presence vs Social Media Influence

A quick search on Google for keywords "Radian6 Philippines" ranks my recent Radian6 Philippines article on the 3rd spot on the front page. 

Knowing that the concept of social listening and tools like Radian6 is still fairly new, especially in the local digital marketing industry, I knew there would be very little competition with online content and it would be easy to rank. Now, researchers, potential employers, students, and even companies will find this blog (regardless of its average social klout).

Just above me is Robin Leonard, CEO of AllFamous Digital who actually introduced me to the concept of social listening and Radian6 during one of our classes for the Ateneo-CDMP course I am taking.

The top ranking one is this guy working for Kinship Digital, a company that actually replied to one of my tweets proposing that I should work for them or something:

They're probably just joking and sending their typical spiels as part of their engagement and promotion. 

For the more general subject of social listening, I organically rank first for the keywords "Social Listening Philippines" and I've actually been getting decent traffic from this.

It's all somehow inspired by the recent piece I made on This Guy Who Got Hired for Utilizing the Search Engine.

It wasn't really that hard. It was basic SEO. Write on keywords that have very little competition and in this case, the relevance of social listening seems not yet as trending for digital marketing practitioners or for brands (something I assume as there's very little competition content-wise).

Social media marketing, on the other hand, is more about klout and influence. In a way, a popularity contest of sorts on who has more reach, followers, likes, that then generate traffic and potentially make your content viral.

Search wins, in my opinion. It is somewhat impressive yet so simple. And there's more to come soon.

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