This Guy Got Hired By Utilizing the Search Engine

Here's one creative way to get noticed by employers:

The video below shows how Alec Brownstein used the search engine to grab the attention of New York's top creative directors by anticipating that they will google themselves.

People love to google themselves and even top employers are not exempted from this guilty pleasure of seeing one's natural online presence in the search engine. Brownstein bought AdWords placements in Google using the names of the top creative directors for the keywords and placed this on the ad: "Hey, [creative director's name]: Gooogling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too."

It's simple. It's creative. It goes around the whole bureaucratic HR process. And it only cost the guy 6 dollars to place all the ads. 

During one of my classes for the Ateneo-CDMP, some of my professors mentioned that they subscribed to Google Alerts not just for their own brands or start-ups but also for their names. This means talking about potential employers or mentioning them in your social media pages can get their attention.

The same goes for big brands. I did mention in a previous post that big brands now have social listening tools like Radian 6 that can scan the internet. Mention a valid concern or complaint and they probably have people who will engage you and the same goes for positive sentiments most especially if your klout or social media influence is high.

The same goes for people who want to get hired: employers are most likely going to Google you when you apply or before an interview (see this interesting piece on Mashable: You Will be Googled).

The future is all digital. We must align our career strategies accordingly.

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