CDMP 1: Reflections on the Digital Marketing Plan

I am currently taking the Certified Digital Marketing Program. The first course of my class has been completed. I'm planning to take notes and collate my reflections about the things I learned here on this blog as I go through my classes. I have to make this first post quick since I'm at work and I'm switching from tab to tab just to complete this.

Photo of our classroom in Asian Institute of Management
The first class gave me an idea on the exact framework or structure I will need to make a digital marketing plan. After recently reaching the milestone of 1 million views on HubPages, the class gave me ideas on how to improve this even more by creating an action plan that is measurable and time-bound.

A cartoonized photo of Rezza Custodio-Soriano of Planu giving us her insights

My KPIs will be simple, really, as insights and analytics are already provided to me. Having objectives of increasing traffic, increasing earnings, increasing rankings, will be very measurable because of the tools provided to my by Google and other apps and blogging services. Actions I will take to achieve my goals will be calculated and specific. I will be expounding more about this plan here on this blog so watch out for that.

The nature of my current work is really teaching me the importance of discipline and routine. As much as it is repetitive and takes up so much of my time (even my weekends @_@), it is teaching me to have so much patience. And I feel that content generation will be so easy for me and I will really be able to schedule it and set aside time for it as I've learned to set aside 8 hours a day for a routine.

The current class we're taking is on social media. Luckily, I already have a Facebook page created for this blog. I'm learning  a lot abot what kinds of content I need to post there and how I can use paid ads and paid promotions to increase my reach thus increasing my traffic as well. This is saved for another blog post as the class isn't completed yet (I haven't even started working on my homework).

It is great that I'll be able to apply and practice the things I learn. I'm really learning so much in my classes and I'm meeting a lot of awesome people. Plus, there's free food during our classes.

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