Using Yahoo Site Explorer and Google Webmaster Tools to Analyze your Blog/Website

Here are some neat online tools made by the search engines themselves on assessing some interesting stuff for your blog/website.

yahoo site explorer

Yahoo Site Explorer allows you to explore the inlinks (same thing as backlinks) or websites/blogs that link to your homepage or any of your inner pages. I think I've raised the importance of backlinks before. They are very important when it comes to the search engines analyzing your site/blog's credibility or level of authority. For instance, if you input websites like Facebook/CNN or any other big websites you'll see that they have millions of backlinks thus the search engines give these sites more rank power.

There are many ways of getting backlinks like commenting on people's blog posts, joining forums, trading links with other bloggers, etc. But of course it is still most important to just stick to posting quality content because then backlinks will come naturally. Just think of all the successful websites/blogs who have no knowledge about SEO or Search Engine Optimization but are still very successful. With this being said though, it is still a must to emphasize the importance of SEO because ignoring the way search engines work and how to optimize your site/blog can make you lose a significant deal of potential traffic.

google webmaster tools

Google Webmater Tools is a superior version of Yahoo Site Explorer. The reason I am saying this is because Google gives me money and Yahoo doesn't and that's a big factor in making something superior. Of course there's also the fact that Google Webmaster Tools have a more in-depth analysis of your blog/website and can give you information that goes beyond backlinks/inlinks. So this is for those who are more serious about SEO and who are not satisfied with the features of Yahoo's Site Explorer.

It's very much like a summary of how the search engine views your website and how your content is seen based on the algorithms they use. It shows you the keywords that your content is most significant about. It's really fun. If you haven't used any of these tools then I recommend that you do right away. Aside from showing you the bigger picture of how your blog/website already is, it will give you ideas on how to improve your content and make it more optimized for search engines.

Regardless if you are trying to beat the search engine or just a random blogger, these tools will really be useful and at the same time very fun to use. Finally I write something related to SEO, yeah? Haha #randomness is overpowering sometimes.

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