The Unschooled Life of Astra Taylor

Astra Taylor, filmmaker and writer, talks about her "unschooled life". She didn't go to school until the age of 13 and then eventually got her Masters in Liberal Studies, have collected a great deal of awards, and also teaches sociology in the University of Georgia and does a lot of other "successful" things. 

It is very interesting, isn't it? There are a lot of legitimate concerns that are brought about by her story and many others like her about contemporary schooling, social conventions and expectations, and many things that the majority have accepted as dogma.

We must never reject things just because it challenges the status quo. In fact, isn't it so important for the improvement and progress of present methods of teaching, rote learning, and critical pedagogy for us to entertain these kinds of counterculture ideas and theories?

Maybe just try to watch it and reflect on the things she has to say. All I want to point out is that the concerns and flaws she brings up are legitimate and therefore must be addressed. It is common sense that to completely ignore or reject anything without proper discussion or debate or looking at the other side of the coin is detrimental to progress and innovation.

Perhaps it is too forward, too radical, and these kinds of abrupt changes in values, culture, policies, and philosophies are not entirely plausible. Maybe it will take time? I don't know. But it is legitimate. It must not be ignored. That is undeniable.

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