How to Get Paid for Going to Boracay

It is common advice that we should do whatever it is that makes us happy, what we love, or what it is that we can enjoy doing. It is just in my own personal opinion and preference that if you are miserable, not getting enough sleep, spending more time with people you hate than people you care about, using your time and efforts for the profit of strangers, then maybe it's not worth it. To each his own. For me, there is no justified price in selling your life on a monthly installment plan. Society demands it from me and I inevitably have to but the mere idea of doing it makes me want to puke. So for now, I try to think of ways of how I can avoid it by making money even without having to be employed.

So we start with an equation/problem of sorts: how will I make money out of X where X is something I love to do. Hmm, seems like an oversimplification. We have to assess the risks of self-employment/entrepreneurship vs the security (or false sense thereof) of employment. The idea is that if I sold my weekdays, I'd have no concerns and always have money in my wallet. The rewards of self-employment on the other hand are far more but then there is the risk of failure.

Let's take a shawarma stand as an example. According to my research, finishing one big slab of meat can earn a stand up to Php 15,000 a day. And I see these big slabs of shawarma stands get finished all the time. That's probably something a fresh grad trainee is earning in a month. And if we go back to our equation, yes, shawarma makes me happy. But we face several problems: capital, brand identity, location, government red tapes, and of course the risk of failure.

Anyway, enough of that Kiyosaki-esque rhetoric. I go to my main point: how do I make money out of going to Boracay? Surely starting up a shawarma stand there is a brilliant idea but for now I go for something I am experienced in: search engine optimization. Currently able to generate over 40,000 hits a month and growing, creating a new blog will not only be easy for me, it will also be cheap and the risks are minimal.

Being that I get paid for sleeping because I'm on what I call "Google Welfare" (haha!), I will be going to Boracay again this weekend for what I refer to as "The Trip That Google Paid For". Yup, for just lying around, Google decided that I deserve another vacation. Thanks, Google!

If you search for "Boracay Spa Resorts" you will notice that my article Boracay List of Spa Resorts, Prices, and Reservations on HubPages is ranking on the first page at 3rd or 4th, I think. Now let's take a look at other keywords that are trending about Boracay:

boracay search engine keywords
Boracay Keywords

These are just some of the top trending keywords and from my experience there are so much more that are not listed like "Cebu Pacific Boracay promo" or "boat schedule from Caticlan to Boracay" and other important stuff that people search for all the time. And this won't be limited to just Boracay. For other places I go to I could still blog about it on HubPages and at the same time consider making a niche site just as I'm planning now for Boracay. I actually had the same idea when I went to Cebu and Bohol.

So I do need a checklist of things I need to do when I'm there. It's a shame that my DSLR is broken right now and I might have to just use my point and shoot (I'm actually considering not brining my camcorder anymore but then I dunno I have a few days to decide). Here are some of the things I need to do:
  • take photos of all establishments, restaurants, activities, etc. that I can
  • take as many brochures, fliers, and other hard copies of information that can be used as reference for content
  • get massively wasted every second that I'm there
I need to buy shades again because I broke the last one that I bought. I really wish I can bring my laptop. It would be so much more productive.

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