How to Get Paid for Sleeping

Hi guys, I just woke up. Guess what! Google is paying me 4 dollars and thirty five cents just for sleeping! It's not usually like this. Sometimes it's just around a dollar or less each day (a long time ago it was even way less). This isn't even it cause it can even increase because it's only lunch time right now.

Remember how I just got my first Google Adsense payment recently? I'm sure you've read about that. Look at how my earnings are now up to 49 dollars! That's halfway the payment threshold already. I just might be getting my payment sooner than I expected. If I already earn this much when I'm asleep, what more if I'm awake right?

I am not saying that this is an easy job. What I am doing requires a lot of research and skill. But the point is you can make money just by lying around at home especially if you've already built up a lot of ranking blog posts. This is what the internet is calling a passive income. Some of the success stories I've been reading about in Hubpages earn up to 1000 dollars a month or more.

Harry Santos Sleeping
Peacefully sleeping yet making money at the same time

The problem is that I am not even satisfied with this yet. I still work very hard in making sure I increase my daily earnings. There are times when I feel that SEO is child's play and even if I am able to increase my earnings up to 10 to 20 dollars a day I won't be satisfied. There are so many things I have to buy like a Leica M9, memory foam pillows, a Range Rover, and anything that Steve Jobs is selling. This is why I try to learn PHP from time to time and many other skills that can help me actualize my ideas and ambitions.

Always be hungry for more.

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