Cebu and Bohol SEO Keywords

I just came from Cebu. Annoyingly enough, the built-in SD card reader in my Macbook Pro isn't working (weird, I have to have it checked). Plus, I need a firewire 800 to be able to transfer the videos from my camcorder. So since I can't really edit any of them (something I was looking forward to doing), I was thinking I can write and try to increase my blogging earnings.

Here are some keywords I found for "cebu" and "bohol" and the average search queries it gets every day:
Cebu Search Engine Optimization Keywords

Bohol SEO Keywords

Seeing those keywords and my knowledge of how little content the internet has on these topics (there are actually a lot but many of them are not optimized or targeted for these keywords), surely blogging about these things will increase my earnings significantly.

Just think of "KFC Cebu" (take note that blogging about KFC was one of the first reasons I realized how I can rank or "beat the search engine"), I mean, I'm sure I can rank for that. Plus the other keywords, since I just came from there, I'm sure I'll really be able to write and just pour out thoughts and ideas about them. It's still fresh and I was just there.

I really should bring my laptop when I travel or go anywhere. I had so many things I wanted to blog about and so many things I wanted to write about while I was there but now that I'm back in my room I feel so unmotivated to write. Maybe it's just because I want to edit videos and post some photos already and I'm having some technical difficulties. I hate blogging without pictures. Knowing the attention span of internet users nowadays, they really won't be interested in blog posts with no photos.

Either way, I'm posting this now. I might as well. I really need to create more content and focus on my search engine rankings and visibility. I do have a time table, my goals are time-bound. Just look at the average searches of the keywords above and imagine how much it could contribute to my traffic and earnings. And those are just two keywords. Imagine all the thousands more that I can write about and rank in.

I ate so much lechon just now and it's making me all sluggish and lazy. Be sure to check out my other blogs or follow me on my twitter to get updated on my posts about my Cebu and Bohol trip.


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