An Analysis of the Top Search Trends of 2011 and Predictions for 2012

Here are the top 10 searches worldwide during 2011 according to the Google Zeitgeist. From these trend data gathered by Google, we can somehow have a forecast of what might be happening in the world of search for 2012.

Obviously no one can beat Rebecca Black. Truly a historic phenomena for the world of viral marketing. It showed the power of social media as a means of disseminating information or entertainment.

Part of the top ten are also new releases of Apple, as always. But this is really something we need to watch out for as we can see how they are affected in the long run now that Steve Jobs is dead (which ironically is also part of the top 10). Dying celebrities will surely be always part of the top trends of searches.

There's also natural disasters like the nuclear power plant crisis in Japan, tthe video game Battlefield 3 (which I got to try a few times in a friend's house and it's awesome!), the weird criminal case against Casey Anthony, the death of Ryan Dunn, Google+, and the very talented artist Adele. Somehow these things are the collective sum or the reflection of the majority's thoughts and aspirations. 

Generally, what I can draw from this is that for this year surely there will be celebrities and other important personalities who will die and they will surely be part of the 2012 trends. As I have said, it does make me curious how the market will react to new Apple products now that Steve Jobs is gone. I talked about this in my post on GearPill about the first iPhone keynote presentation of Steve Jobs.

For bloggers who want to get a lot of traffic, be sure to write about natural disasters, deaths of celebrities, Apple products, new online multiplayer games, and Google's new ventures and products (surely they are bias and will always make news about their new stuff rank higher). I believe that these trends will remain and to be able to rank on these topics will surely get people a lot of traffic and revenue.

Also, there's the 2012 US presidential elections. Rest assured that Ron Paul will remain until the Republican Convention and a lot can still happen. I have mentioned in my other blog HarryLeaks that I will be writing soon about the whole Iran/Israel conflict and now with growing unrest in Syria, there's surely a lot to watch out for this year especially since Ron Paul is the only one with a different position on US foreign policy as compared to the other Republican candidates and even Obama. Be sure to check out HarryLeaks real soon for my commentary on that.

This article was supposed to turn out differently. I guess I lost my momentum somehow with all these things in my head that I want to write about. Forgive me if sometimes I write for the sake of backlinks. I have written several articles for content for that Boracay SEO site idea that I have. I also downloaded this Adobe Illustrator CS5 training program thing that I have to work on. I really should enhance my visual/graphic skills especially with vectors. It'll surely be handy with different things I want to do. For tonight, I shall write and write and write and write.

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