Social Media Amidst Natural Disasters

We've already seen the power of social media and how it can topple down tyranny and corrupt governments. Now we see how Facebook or Twitter and other forms of new media can spread useful information amidst a natural disaster like the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

I've already discussed in a previous article how Twitter can sometimes be even more reliable than news on TV because it can easily be updated and the information can be distributed all over the world in just a click of a button. We can see real-time updates from big networks like CNN or BBC and at the same time from ordinary people, sometimes even from the actual people who are affected by a certain natural disaster. The concept of 'Twitter trends' also gives us some sort glimpse at the world's collective consciousness.

We also see relatives and friends from all over the world be informed about the safety of their loved ones through these social media. It relieves many of worry and stress that can be brought about by an unexpected natural disaster such as this one.

The power of these new forms of social media are so undeniable. This is really a beneficial means of communication that we must embrace and be thankful for. We must keep in mind that this is an innovation that was brought about by a competitive market, an innovation that came from the ideas of entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook or Steve Jobs who envisioned everyone would one day have personal computers in their homes; from entrepreneurs and not from bureaucrats or governments.

This blog joins the world in prayers for the safety of the people in Japan and for the other countries that are warned of potential tsunamis.

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