A Good Year of Rebuilding

I want to refill my cup of coffee. I made myself brewed coffee for a change. Instant is a joke. But I can't move. I've spent almost an hour (and I still continue to) listening to this intense podcast and reflecting on a good year of rebuilding.

I've always wanted, as I have mentioned before, to have a functional MRI of my brain when I am listening to music or making music. I want to know what happens. I want to know what is causing the depth and intensity. 

It doesn't really matter what I write about, I swear. You are there in front of the screen reading these combination of black texts and your brain translates them, you are able to comprehend them, and then maybe you'll like it, dislike it, learn from it, share the information during some temporal smalltalk conversation with a friend, a stranger, your family, write about it, criticize it, be annoyed at my comma splices and run-on sentences and the fact that many times I'd rather not care about their indoctrination of how words ought to be arranged, them and their S-TV-DO dogma.

All I can say is thank you for coming here and thank you for the money. Thank you to the iconoclasts, the classical liberals, the people who invented the internet, and to the man who invented bourbon.

Destruction is necessary for creation; for rebuilding. Much like a controlled demolition, last year's collapse was to once again have free space, yeah? A place where I can call on great architects and engineers and rebuild a new structure, a place of progress, innovation, creativity; my place of solace.

I learned yesterday that on your 75th birthday, they will make a presentation, photos or videos of what your life has been like. It will more likely be more comprehensive for us as technology evolves. It will be like reliving your life. It felt like Nietzsche's concept of Eternal Recurrence. An assessment of yourself and others of how you have become √úbermensch-like; some sort of grand self and social gratification. They will be so happy that you didn't have the unschooled life of Astra Taylor and so did your offspring: what you and your children have achieved in life.

I really should make sure I have strong bones and muscles, that I have good health, if ever I become 75-years old. The future is so uncertain though. The fact that Rick Santorum won the Iowa caucuses make me fear the coming of world war 3. As we witness the economic collapse of first world countries and the desire for even more wars and hostility, I fear that somehow the Mayans may have made sense somehow.

Oh my, I just hit around 59 minutes of the podcast and they just played Runaway From Me by Dotexe. This song really compels me to move and I was listening to it while I was in Boracay last week sipping brilliant caramel vodka on the rocks.

For now, I continue to swim in the broth of life. This must be it. Welcome to the New Year.

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