Functional MRI for Personal Use

There was a song playing in my head yesterday, as in I can hear it. The imagination can really be more than just visual sometimes. It happens a lot. It reminded me of an episode in season 3 of House when he took a functional MRI of a gifted pianist savant's brain and made him imagine he was playing the piano. The guy had no piano lessons or interest in music whatsoever but after an accident all of a sudden he was a piano genius.
functional MRI
So I want to see which parts of my brain are functioning when I am listening to music, making music, or when a song is playing in my head. The reasons are non-medical at all. It's just plain curiosity. There's just so many things unknown about the brain. I won't even be able to interpret the images from the functional MRI. I just want to see what's going on there. Maybe turn it into a video and add the song I made while getting the functional MRI.

There was a time, not so long ago, when having personal computers at home was unimaginable. It was used only by bureaucrats and the military-industrial complex. They were the size of bookshelves with light bulbs and transistors. Now they can fit in our pockets and is a part of our everyday lives. It teaches us that technology is best in the hands of entrepreneurs because competing firms make innovation a necessity. Innovation comes from markets and not from governments.

Maybe one day there will be an MRI function on the camera of your smartphone. Maybe there will be portable dialysis kits anyone can use at anytime at home. Maybe there will be DIY surgery tutorials on YouTube. Hospitals and doctors may just be obsolete. Who knows, right?

In the 70's, Steve Jobs and other innovators were babbling about personal use of computers, no one was listening and they were marginalized. I think the lesson here is that nothing is ever far-fetched and we should open our minds to the limitless possibilities.

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