Top Hubs 2012

One of my first ever posts here in this blog would be my top ten ranking articles or blog posts; a tally of the number of views of my hubs (blog posts in HubPages) that have the highest amount of traffic. Now that 2011 is nearing its end, I was thinking I'd do the same again to check on my progress and see which content is generating the most revenue:

1. Halimbawa ng Maikling Kwento sa Tagalog - 91,274 views, published 09/12/10

2. Tagalog Kwentong Bayan - 70,830 views, published 08/23/10

3. Shakey's Delivery Philippines - 64,492 views, published 08/11/10

4. Jollibee Delivery Philippines - 40,990 views, published 08/28/10

5. Halimbawa ng Mga Epikong Tagalog - 39,840 views, published 09/08/10

6. KFC Delivery Philippines - 38,591 views, published 08/04/10

7. Brooklyn Pizza Philippines - 13,582 views, published 09/12/10

8. Wendy's Delivery Philippines - 13,363 views, published 08/14/10

9. Yellow Cab Delivery Philippines - 9,190 views, published 08/17/10

10. Honda Cars Philippines Price List - 8,457 views, published 03/01/11

As you can see most of them are still focused on the local content that doesn't have much competition on the internet like research topics for Filipino subjects and fast food deliveries. Goes to show how I should focus on these things instead of writing my random thoughts if I really want to increase my traffic and earnings especially in 2012.

Problem is that it's really hard for me to write about something that I'm not very interested in. As you can see many of those high traffic sites are badly written but are still ranking well. Justifies my theory that regardless of all the Google Panda algorithm updates they have, the search engine still rewards badly written content with good SEO priorities and penalizes high quality content.

It's as if self-gratification is my only incentive in writing quality content, like those random thoughts and theories of mine and the other stuff I write about that aren't really getting traffic. I don't really know why I continue to write content like that when it rarely gets traffic or contributes to my earnings.

It's always nice to hear "hey, I read your blog" or "how's blogging?" from people. I honestly don't know what I'm doing. I don't know why Google is sending me money. I don't know why you're here right now reading this nonsense haha.

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