My Top 10 Ranking Articles or Blog Posts

Here's a list of my top ranking Hubpages articles and how much views they've gotten me. It's obvious that traffic is really something that is generated by having good rankings in the search results.

Link - Views

There really is no exact reason as to how I chose to write about those articles, many are even unplanned and some even accidental.

Keep in mind, I am just on my own unlike the SEO companies with their army of bloggers and web developers. I don't even have my own domain. What more if I had my own army, yeah?

I am really a bit superstitious when it comes to SEO. I never really expected some of the articles here to rank well and so I didn't really get to focus on quality. So now, I am scared of editing and adding relevant information in fear that one small revision might have a drastic effect on my rankings.

I am really so thankful that these articles are ranking. By putting their links here, these are making their ranking even better. These are called backlinks. These are very helpful because it's one of the things Google uses to determine the credibility of a certain page.

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  1. Pretty impressive that you were able to accomplish that all by yourself. I guess you must have all the SEO Services down to a science and know exactly how to use them all to your benefit. I gotta give you a lot of credit, because I know how difficult getting that many views can be.


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