Shake, Rattle & Roll: the One Thing I Hate About Steve Jobs

I am a firm believer in Apple products and Steve Jobs but there's one thing I hate and that would be their love for sequels.

If you follow me on my Twitter, you'll notice that I was reading an article yesterday about boredom and creativity. The author said something about sequels and the lack of creativity or oginality. This is something that I am very much aware of. In fact, here in the Philippines, every year, our government protectionism in local mainstream films has produced a lot of never-ending sequel franchises. One of them would be Shake, Rattle & Roll, a series that has been going on since 1984 and is now on its 14th installment.
iphone differences
iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4

It reminded me of many products of Apple like the iPhone and the expected 5th sequel that's coming out. And it's not just the phone, many of their products are released prematurely, in my opinion, and eventually they release a better version with a few new features, bigger space, a fancy new casing and maybe a catchy new name but in the end it's just a sequel. They seem to have that obsession with everything they sell from software to hardware.
iphone first gen
Me with my iPhone :(

Don't get me wrong, I love Apple's products and will stand by my defense of the iPhone over its competitors. It's not even about the features or technology but more on the philosophy and principles behind the brand. It is because of Steve Jobs. It's because of this. It's because of innovation and not just making a better version of other people's products. It's because of the long list of benefits of having a MacBook Pro, something that has made my life better and easier in so many ways. It might be superficial at a certain extent, but all in all, I just love Apple.

But with all that being said, we still have to be crafty and discerning consumers and not just buy everything they sell. For instance, I haven't upgraded to Lion. I've thought about it deeply and came to the conclusion that I don't need its new offers or features. Also, I find that Snow Leopard is still a more hardcore name that's very fitting to the capabilities of my laptop.

My recommendation is to be wary of their sequels. Keep in mind the poor souls who bought iPod Photo just for Apple to later on release iPod Video (which I think is one of their strongest product releases ever).

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