Me and My Macbook Pro: a Story of True Love

Many may criticize our relationship because we met online; a dating service called Amazon. You were born in China then migrated to the US but the distance only made our connection stronger and now you have found your way home here in the safety of my embrace.
new 13 inch macbook pro

Love has a million definitions. Some say it is an abstract concept with no real tangible value. And yet most of us will say that we "feel" love and "to feel" is a tactile experience, something very concrete.

Love is something we can describe and express with words and with actions. Love is a place, or rather an immersion within a place, an environment surrounded by positivity. A place that exists when I am with you. A place that was made for you and me.

Do not be jealous of my Nikon FE, she is more of a best friend to me. And my HP HDX 18t, I promise you that there is nothing between me and her. You are the one that I love and the past is no longer important.

We will travel the world together, make wonderful works of art, make music while watching the sunset in a lovely beachfront cafe, and potentially our writings may even change the world and alleviate poverty. For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, I will be here for you.

I love you, Macbook Pro.

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