I Now Understand Why People Like Surfing in Starbucks

It's an environment thing. With writing for instance, almost everyone is a blogger nowadays. Everyone is a potential publisher with access to a global market because of the internet. And it just really feels different when you are in a cozy environment with lovely paintings, jazz music, and the aroma of brewed coffee. It makes you feel that you are supposed to work whereas if you're at home, it just feels normal and there is less motivation to be productive.

My creative juices with writing usually come out late at night. Sadly, here in my house in Laguna, Starbucks closes at 1am. This leaves me no choice but to go to Shakey's because it is the only place that is open for 24 hours and at the same time has wi-fi.

Shakey's Philippines
Instead of coffee and pastries, I have garlic bread and hot tea

It's not as motivational an environment as I described Starbucks to be but hey at least I have internet connection. Plus, I am blogging so I am earning. The fact that you are reading this right now means you somehow contributed in giving me bread and tea (thank you kind sir/ma'am).

I used to be against the concept of Starbucks. I vowed to never succumb to their overpriced coffee or their trendy planners. But I get it now. Lately, as I have said, I write better at night and I've been craving to be in a decent coffee shop with good music and free wi-fi. But I am stuck with Shakey's. It's good enough, I guess. Also, one of my hubs that generate the most revenue is the one about Shakey's Philippines so it is quite fitting.

shakey's poster

The good thing is they can refill your tea with hot water so that allows me to stay here as long as I want even when I've already eaten all the bread. I think I can stay here forever if I wanted too. They don't have plugs though but I'm not really affected by that because I am a Macbook Pro user and the battery life is superior (actually I came here ideally to write about my review of my lovely laptop but then I guess the environment changed my mind hehe).

Thanks for the internet, Shakey's.

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