Uniformity Destroys the Child's Imagination and Creativity

Below is an example of an exercise to teach the child the Palmer method of penmanship, a uniform system of cursive writing. In its earlier years, left-handed children were "corrected" and trained to use their right hands. Every day, in my old school, we are not allowed to go home until our indoctrinator is satisfied with our monotonous drawings of circles and diagonal lines. And all of this is for the sake of one goal: all of us should develop the exact same kind of handwriting.
palmer penmanship
Methods of destroying individual creativity

Non-compliance would result in failure or a low mark which leads to conflict with parents. Children were discouraged to innovate and develop their own individual style of handwriting. Even at the home, parents venerate this concept of making all children the same, they scold their children, force them to practice the prescribed and supposedly "right" way of writing.

Luckily, I was stubborn and didn't succumb to this glorified uniformity indoctrination. I am assuming my short attention span made me immune to it. I had this professor in college who said that the most brilliant people had really bad handwriting. So once again we see another concrete example of how contemporary overpriced schooling will destroy the child's love for learning.

You know the word "La Salle" is just a brand that offers a service. And with any commodity or service, we have to be really discerning consumers. For instance, not because LeBron James wore the shoes doesn't mean it's high quality or that it can make you play better in basketball. The same thing with schooling, just because it is worn and endorsed by a seemingly noble religious group, it doesn't mean that your children will be getting quality education.

They get paid millions and the parents don't care because it has been marketed as "the best gift" they can give to their children. And all they really do is condition us into homogeneous robots with no individuality.


  1. If you are such a non conformist why don't you return to cave paintings and be too cool for school...


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