Google Adsense Payment Philippines - they paid me again!

Three months ago, I got my first Google Adsense Payment in the Philippines. Now I just got my second payment!

google adsense payment philippines
Hanging out with Benjamin Franklin, Ninoy Aquino, and Manuel Quezon

Let me tell you, what I'm doing isn't really as easy as I try to make it seem. It takes around 50,000 page impressions (this is what Google considers as unique views, I am assuming) in ratio to 1,000 clicks on the ads to get to the payment threshold of 100 dollars. But of course there are a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques like backlinks, using and researching about keywords, using social media, and of course visiting this blog.

google adsense payment western union
My parents tagged along and I treated them to lunch after

It's not that easy to explain to them that I'm not entirely just bumming around here at home. More on my mom, I guess, cause it's hard to explain the concept of blogging or Google AdSense to her. My father is very impressed though and he loves it that Google enjoys sending me money. Both of them are very innovative entrepreneurs and a great deal of my knowledge comes from their lectures. Not to mention that I owe everything to them: my "education", my gadgets like my lovely Macbook Pro, my Nikon SLR and DSLR, my Canon HV40, etc.

HDMI laptop to HDTV
Hooked up the Laptop to the HDTV

My dad is actually having a bit of visual problems right now and he's having a hard time surfing the net so I decided to set this up so he won't have a problem with surfing anymore. He actually gave me another 100 dollars and says that he will always double whatever Google gives me. He says it's a reward and incentive for me to work harder. At first I was wary to accept it because it might actually make me complacent knowing that my earnings will always be doubled. And of course, it's my turn now to give back to them.

That's why I treated them out to eat in a Vietnamese restaurant. My father loves Vietnamese food and so do I and I have a lot of fond childhood memories of eating Vietnamese food with him. So I was thinking it's my turn to treat him. If you remember from my first payment, I gave it to my mom to help out with the bills in the house. I just really owe so much to them.

harry santos graduation
I guess this makes them really proud

Oh wow! A piece of paper with important people's signatures on it. I'm more credible now because I have a piece of paper! Just by holding it I actually became more skilled and I felt stronger. It's amazing what this piece of paper can do! I now have a piece of paper with drawings and shiny things. Well, at least it makes the folks proud.


  1. I like the last part. HAHAHA. So cool we have a piece of paper with important signatures! Yeah! Congrats Harry!

  2. thanks kuya noel!

    thanks cat and congrats to us! :)

  3. nice blog harry. so before google adsense pays you, you need to atleast make your blog unique? and have like 50k views? -.- it's hard dude.

  4. in ration to the clicks din! It can't be just views. You can have so many views but without people going on the ads you won't earn :)

  5. nice job! i can't access AdSense to my acc because theres no earning tab even though the language is in english. :( what do you think is the problem?

  6. ang yabang ng muka mo De la salle prubinsha ka lang naman. ma ban ka sana hehehe!


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