My First Google Adsense Payment from Western Union Philippines

The burden of proof: finally, to satisfy the non-believers, I've actually made money online through blogging. Here's my first ever payment from Google Adsense through Western Union here in the Philippines.

Google Adsense Western Union
Excited in Western Union to get my payment

Getting the money was surprisingly easy. For some reason it was free. I've always assumed that Western Union in the Philippines will get a cut from the payment but apparently all I had to pay for was 17 cents (in dollars) document stamp tax or something like that.

I even read a lot of stories online where they had a hard time claiming the money because of disputes in the recipient name on Google and on the government issued ID. So I made sure I brought my passport and my license just in case there was some sort of dispute. But there was none whatsoever. I just filled up a form, gave my license, and I got my money.

You should have seen how I excited I was. I was so restless and uneasy. At first I couldn't even spell my name right on the form. I probably looked like a guilty drug mule in line for airport inspection. Good thing Adrienne Nicole Bernal was there to support me and take pictures of me.

The payment issued to me by Google Adsense was 112 dollars. And so I decided to have the 100 in dollars and the extra 12 converted to Philippine pesos for some rewards spending.

Google Adsense payment threshold
This is Benjamin Franklin. He's my second most favorite US founder.

I can now personally thank Ben Bernanke and the US Federal Reserve for destroying the value of my earnings. People always assume that there's too much deregulation and that this caused the US financial crisis when in fact there's too much economic central planning of the government or Keynesianism. Good thing Ron Paul is now the chairman of the committee to oversee the Federal Reserve. For more on the evils of government intervention check out my other blog over at HarryLeaks.

Google Haircut Harry Santos
This is the haircut that Google paid for.

I am sure that for some of you, earning 112 dollars after around 7 months isn't a big deal but hey how many people do you know can say that Google pays for their haircut? Yup, that search engine you use everyday, that innovative workplace everyone wants to work for, they are the ones who pay for my haircut (I am semi-bald now by the way haha).

Shakey's Pizza
This is the pizza that Google paid for.

I figured it would be fitting to buy Shakey's pizza because if you remember in my post about my top ten ranking articles, my Hubpages article about Shakey's Delivery really got me a lot of views.

I wanted to reinvest the money I earned in any of my other internet ideas or perhaps invest in precious metals like gold or silver to protect my earnings but then I gave the 100 dollars to my mom to mitigate the burdens of my existence (haha). I told her it's my contribution to bills for the internet connection and for electricity. I mean, blogging wouldn't really be possible without those two and I figured it would be perfect if I somehow compensated for them by using my earnings.

Okay, so now I'm broke again. But with the rate of how things are going I'll be able to divide the time needed to reach the Google Adsense payment threshold by half or hopefully even less. Eventually this will all be very lucrative. It is inevitable.

This is the beginning of my success story and you can start your own as well. I remember 7 months ago I only had 6 cents in my Adsense account earning about a penny a day and sometimes even none. I didn't let it discourage me. So if you just keep on coming back to this blog to learn more about the how and why of making money online then surely you'll be claiming your first Google Adsense payment in no time! :)


  1. Congrats Harry! I presume it's only the first of more adsense payments to come, cheers!

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  3. How were you able to do that? Adsense is requiring me my tax information but I don't know. Please send me an email. Here's my email add. I'm hoping for your help.

  4. Western Union Quick cash is the better option to get adsense money rather than cheque in most of the country except us and canada citizens. More information here

  5. Western Union is no longer secure. Search for "adsense western union fraud" in google and you will see.

    Short story: Someone is cashing out their AdSense Western Union Payments. How did they get the MTCN of the payment? Probably inside job since. So beware if you are using Western Union.

  6. ilang weeks may dumating ba na letter sayo

  7. Baka meron jang bumibili ng adsense, tawag lang po

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  8. Baka meron jang bumibili ng adsense, tawag lang po

    Cell No. 09171166936

    Tell No. 035 4041206


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