Your Own Orchestra at the Tip of your Fingers

A long time ago, Mozzart needed a whole group of people to perform his masterpieces. Many would have to travel long distances just to hear his music. Today, all you need is a computer and you can already create music and broadcast it to almost anyone in the world.

ableton live orchestra

There is this digital instrument in Ableton Live (this is mostly what I use to make my music), called Tension. There are a lot of available presets that simulate the sound of different instruments in an orchestra. If you're not satisfied with them, you can even create your own instrument, with your own specific settings and then add different audio effects if you want. There are also actual samples of real instruments if you're not satisfied with the synthesized ones.

In some videos, I've seen Deadmau5 still use analog synthesizers in making his music. I do understand his sentiments. I liken it to myself still preferring film over digital when it comes to photography. I'm sure many artists still prefer painting with an actual brush and real paint than using a computer. The old more mechanical and analog Toyota Hilux models are still more powerful and more durable than the ones created now that are more digital and computerized (see Top Gear's Killing a Toyota video).

But of course this isn't to deny the benefits or powers of using digital. We all know what kind of possibilities and beautiful works of art we can create just with Photoshop or Illustrator or how you can have your own orchestra at the tip of your fingers with different music softwares like Ableton Live, FL studio, Steinberg Cubase, Propellerhead Reason, etc. It has broadened the possibilities and extended the power of artists. We can now do things that used to be unimaginable.

Then we can share our works of art to almost anyone in the world through deviantART, Flickr, Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook or any other available service online.

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