Adobe Audition 3's Different Spectral Displays

(this post is actually from my old blog, I just thought of sharing it here, shows connections between technology, art, psychology, philosophy, physics etc.)

These are visual representations of parts taken from different songs I've been working on using different spectral display options in Adobe Audition 3. I think they're so beautiful and so chaotic and ordered at the same time. It's amazing how these graphed form of electrical signals are converted by the speakers and eventually interpreted by our brains. No photoshop stuff was done with these images except of course for resizing them.

adobe audition spectral phase display
A reverse sort of process would be Beepmap, a plug-in in FL studio that converts images into a corresponding series of sounds. The results can then be viewed by a spectrogram software or whatever. I've actually been using it to hide paintings or other pictures in the stuff I've been working on recently.

In this video, it shows the song Equation by Aphex Twin on a spectogram and you'll notice that there's a face on the end of the song

adobe audition spectral pan display

Everything around us is made up of waves. The objective world is full of data that is interpreted by our senses and by other mediums thus rendering our subjective reality. Also, there is music all around us. We just can't hear it. It's like in a different format, as in like our ears can only interpret mp3 while the music around us is in mp4 or something like that.

adobe audition spectral display

I've experienced synesthesia at least once. At least I think I did. It was like hearing wind chimes with phaser and delay. I just assumed I was hearing what I could see. I wonder what the colors taste like.


All the photos of the waves are taken from the waves of my old songs that I no longer have a copy of. I didn't save my own copy and then Imeem, an audio streaming website, closed down and so I lost all my copies of my old songs. At least I was able to save some in visual form using these photos.

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