On the Power of the Blogspot Subdomain and Social Media

What I am about to share to you reminds me of Conan O'brien's last episode at NBC where he makes fun of the NBC executives by saying they "didn't believe" that such a thing as American Idol's 30 million viewers exist. It just couldn't be, he points out.

As you may already know, I am on a silly little quest to be the lechon king of the internet. A while ago while looking around at my ranking competitors, I saw a blogspot subdomain as a last result on the first page of Google for keywords "Lechon Paksiw Recipe".

goolgle search results lechon paksiw recipe

Of course this is exactly something that I want to achieve and I was already annoyed that that page is even ranking. Probably an SEO company with an army of bloggers owns it. I don't even understand how they are able to post more than 3 ad units of Google Ads. From my research, apparently Google allows big authority sites to have more than 3 ad units in one page, like Hubpages.com or EzineArticles.com for instance. So I'm already startled at how they are able to do this. But it doesn't end there:

20,830 likes? Damn. How do you do that? It just can't be. Especially for a blogspot subdomain. And it's even more annoying that I am giving them more publicity by writing about them here. But I have to because as part of this ongoing case study, I must showcase living proofs that support my assumptions and ideas.

And obviously to the left is my like box with 2 likes. It will hopefully grow as the blog gets more content and as I coerce my friends into clicking like. But to reach 20k?! Damn. That's all I can say, really. This is making my odds of becoming the internet lechon king even worse.

Nowadays, almost everything is integrated with social media. Even billboards and TV ads are starting to have a "find us on Facebook" portion. I think it's because of how crazy Facebook's advertising can specifically target certain demographics (i.e. 18 to 25, interested in photography, lives in Manila etc.).

It is really important to recognize the power of social media. Websites like Facebook or Twitter aren't just places where you can connect with friends anymore. It is really starting to shape the way our world is and the way we live our lives. It has become so powerful that it can even destabilize corrupt governments and regimes. You know, it's something we should embrace and allow to flourish.

For now, I am just hoping that you are a kind soul who will click like on my like box and be a testament to how helpful this blog can be.

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