Google Adsense Payment has Finally been Issued

After waiting for so long, Google finally informed me that they have sent the payment. All those articles I've written will finally generate some income and help improve the progress of my effort to beat the search engine.

Google Adsense Payment Issued

This is actually what got me thinking about starting this blog. Also, there was the fact that my Beating the Search Engine series of articles was getting a lot of traffic and good feed back. Instead of writing part 4, 5, 6... and so on to infinity, it was about time that I dedicate one blog that's all about blogging and the internet.

It took me 6 months to reach the payment threshold of Google Adsense and had to wait another 30 days just for the payment to be sent. And now it is just waiting in any branch of Western Union Quick Cash in the Philippines.

112 dollars in 6 months, hmm, doesn't seem like much, huh? But then you'd have to consider that it took me more than 100k views and around 1600 clicks on ads just to get it. In a way, it is impressive to get that much in just six months. As I have said in one of the beating the search engine articles I wrote, it makes me have faith in my techniques, my ideas, and my unique perspective at the world. With anything, I am slowly realizing that the secret is a always a little reckless creativity. And that is exactly what you'll learn to have if you choose to continue reading the articles that will be posted in this blog.

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