Locked out of the House

I got locked out of my house in Laguna.

I couldn't sleep and was planning to grab a bite in 711. I locked the door on my way out and it was too late when I realized I left my keys inside.

This had happened before a couple of times. Usually I'll end up sleeping in the car or at times drive all the way back to Alabang. But not this time. This time it was different.

I instantly noticed that my room's window was open and when I peeked, just as I expected, the keys were on top of a cabinet about a yard and half away from me. I knew I could get it with a stick or something. I was determined and optimistic. I felt like Michael Scofield, only I am trying to break in instead of out.

The house is surrounded by thin bamboo plants of some sort. This is perfect, I thought to myself.

At first I tried cutting one with my bare hands. I learned that this method is very ineffective and I learned it the hard way.

I searched my car for a sharp object. I was expecting my car would surely have some sort of sharp object. The 127 hours movie teaches us that having a sharp object is essential to survival. Moreover, the creation of sharp objects, along with the discovery of fire, paved the way for the progress of human civilization.

And guess what I found: a bread knife. Of all the things to find it had to be this blunt bread knife. But it did not discourage me at all. I started hacking away, almost disturbing the peaceful and silent streets of my village, watched over only by the hazy yellowish moon.

I am no longer myself. I am now my warrior alter ego from my past that I have been trying to forget, much like how Kenshin from Samurai X becomes Battousai (this is the perfect reference because my blunt bread knife is almost technically a reverse-edged sword).

It took me three different sizes of bamboo before finally being able to get one that could perfectly reach the location of the keys.

By this time I am sweating and bleeding from minor wounds and scratches, trying to insert the edge of my bamboo stick into the small ring of the keychain.

A kind of joy I have not felt in a very long time filled my heart as I watched it slide towards me, across the bamboo stick as I picked it up. I actually succeeded. The moment was surreal and unbelievable.

This has nothing to do with social media or blogging or SEO, I know. But this experience has reminded me of certain valuable concepts like initiative, innovation, improvisation, lateral thinking, deductive reasoning, and creativity.

Now I'm comfortable lying on the bed, writing on my girlfriend's iTouch, forced to watch this religious channel on TV. But unlike the other nights I'd usually be like this here in my house in Laguna, tonight is different because tonight I shall sleep with a deep sense of accomplishment.

audentes fortuna iuvat.

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  2. Hahaha This made me chuckle. Good work! I once had a similar experience but mine didn't end so well. I ended up having to call a Cincinnati locksmiths company and pay over $100 just to get inside my house again. Ahhh, definitely not the most fun way to spend money.

  3. I got locked out of my house last month! I forgot my keys inside, but locked the door by hand on the way out. I felt so silly for forgetting my keys, but luckily my husband was on his way home from work. I only had to wait outside for about 30 minutes before he could let me back in.

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