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Many months ago, I was able to download a video seminar about search engine optimization by Jeff Johnson for free. I really learned a lot about marketing, SEO, web development, blogging, and many other things. He even talks about the advantages of outsourcing. Made me realize how the internet is really an important factor in promoting globalization.

jeff johnson
This is an actual screenshot from the video seminar

People in the west have a great advantage because they can really cut their costs by outsourcing and at the same time create jobs for skilled people who can have an extra income. Some jobs that Jeff Johnson suggested to be outsourced were so simple like commenting on blogs or subscribing to RSS feeds while some are requiring more skills like graphic design, content writing, or developing PHP, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

I really learned a lot from this video and hey I got it for free, yeah? I am not really sure if I take pride in that but it's surely something people who want to learn should take advantage of. Many people will pay thousands of dollars for this kind of seminar (of course I don't get many of the things they get like step-by-step manuals).

This is just one of my many ways of learning more about how I can be a better or more powerful blogger (increase traffic, increase revenue, better ranking etc.). I always make sure that I exhaust all means possible of learning something new. It's important to never be satisfied with what you already know.

There's something really special that I'll be blogging about tomorrow night. I realized it's best to promote something during Sunday nights because it's when most people are just at home and surfing the net and checking their Facebook. So watch out for that!

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