Top SEO Tips 2012 — How Focusing on Local Keywords Add to My Blog Traffic

Beating the Search Engine is back with a vengeance (and a new design too!). I had to go through all the content and make sure all concerns about the Google AdSense policy are checked (see Beating the Search Engine to Shutdown?).

You know it's a current trend that backlinks are more effective when they are within the content and near other related keywords (for the search engine to determine its relevance) instead of putting it below the content like I usually do in the "maybe you'll also like:" area. You might have noticed I've been doing this with my other blog HarryLeaks on libertarianism and politics. As long as it's something related to what I'm currently writing about, I try to include backlinks of my other blog posts to make them more powerful in ranking.

Anyway, so what do I mean with this SEO tip of focusing on local keywords? Well, recently I've noticed that my less popular blogs (yes, I have a bunch of them) gained a significant amount of traffic even if they have very little content updates.

For instance, my blog about Tagalog research (shown above) where I have only two posts Paano Nahati ang Korea sa Dalawa and Bakit Sinulat ni Jose Rizal ang Noli Me Tangere sa Wikang Espanyol have given me 900 views. I know it's not that much but for a blog that I haven't updated and only has two posts that probably both have less than 500 words each, it's amazing how many views it's gotten.

This is, of course, inspired by some of my top ranking and revenue generating blog posts like Tagalog Kwentong Bayan and Maikling Kwento sa Tagalog. It shows how there is very little competition in local keywords and yet a lot of demand. Local students are constantly searching for these things. And I have discussed several times before about the tool I use to see what keywords people are searching for (see Most Searched Keywords 2012).

I did discuss this in my article SEO and the Entropy of Internet Content where obviously I got the the current selling point of this blog. There's just so much opportunity in local keywords. It's really an untapped market. And although SEO has been picking up a lot here in the Philippines lately, there's still very little focus on local keywords. And all this can be over in a short span of time so you better take advantage of it now (just as I am).

And the same goes for my blog that focuses on keywords about "Lechon" (shown above). The plan was to write about all the keywords in the keyword tracker I use as explained in one of the first ever posts that began Beating the Search Engine (see Creating a Niche Site). That blog has only 7 posts and yet has contributed almost 4,000 views to my overall blog traffic.

I actually have tons of blogs many of which I don't really announce in social media sites and more for SEO and ranking only. Interestingly, some of them fail and get very little views. It's really all about trial and error.

One of them was actually a blog that focuses on keywords related to "boracay" and I was thinking that it was going to pick up during summer but surprisingly it didn't. It's really like that. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don't.

There's really been so much to write about since that long break. Be sure to follow me on my Twitter account to get updates on my latest blog posts!


  1. lechon lover haha! I love that. Never in my life would I have foreseen a blog about lechon. I gotta share that on my FB (my wife is half-filipino, and pretty much all her family is here in Hawaii...a lechon-lover's paradise).

    Aloha, Mistah Santos!

    Chris Desatoff (aka chrisinhawaii on Hubpages)

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