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Probably one of the most important thing I learned about SEO during my internship would be the use of keywords and where to find them. Basically, this is what people type in search engines when they are looking for something and since Google is just a program and can't really be discerning with regards to quality, it just uses complex algorithms to rate the relevance of your content as compared to the keywords. And this is how you can rank. This is how you make money.

Although there are a lot of keyword tools out there, I was introduced and trained to use the SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool. And again, I would like to emphasize how important this is in my record breaking traffic and trending success when it comes to making money through blogging. The tool works by you making an input of a single word, perhaps something that you are interested in writing about, and the tool will suggest a bunch of keywords with their daily average search queries in the search engines. Here's an example:

keyword suggestion tool

If you search "tagalog" (I chose this because local keywords have less competition) you will notice that the suggestion Tagalog Kwentong Bayan gets an average of up to 9,800 searches a day and my article is the number one result for both Google and Yahoo (and by backlinking like what I did just now, I further make the search engines think that my article is an "authority site" that should remain in that position). Although this shows that Bing might have a slightly more discerning algorithm than Google, no one really uses Bing. It's stupid and please don't use it ever.

You'll be surprised how much traffic I get for ranking number 1 on this keyword. I bet Filipino class teachers from different schools make their students research about this topic and because I am number one and there are thousands of students who search for it every day, I'm getting a lot of exposure to my ads placed on that page.

But I shouldn't really be complacent or overconfident. Like I said, the main reason why I am ranking is because there's very little competition or perhaps because the competition doesn't have the kind of knowledge I have with backlinks or keywords (they are not optimized). But at anytime I could be outranked. I am very aware of that.

google keyword suggestion

Another place you can easily get keywords would be the suggestions in the search engine itself. In my previous post about secrets of getting higher traffic, I discussed my Honda Cars Philippines price list 2011 article. Surprisingly, that's how easy I was able to get those keywords and added significant traffic to my ads. And as I mentioned there, writing the article was a no-brainer. All I needed was the keywords, really. Now look at the title of this blog post. Are you starting to understand what I'm doing now? ;)

Here's to making money without doing anything. Here's to beating the search engine.

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