Difference Between Google and Google Mobile — and Why I'm Gonna Hate Mobile Forever

I was talking to a potential employer a while ago and bragged about how I'm ranking for the keywords "Shakey's Delivery". And that's just the short keywords. For the keywords "Shakey's Delivery Philippines," I'm on number two. That's not considering other keywords like Shakey's delivery number, Shakey's delivery menu, etc. 

My rankings for Shakey's Delivery

Technically, as you can see, I am on number 5 right now on the front page of Google for the keywords "Shakey's Delivery" but that's not considering the keywords "Shakey's Delivery Philippines" where I'm number two. You have to consider that customers will choose to use these keywords because Shakey's is not a restaurant that can be found only here in the Philippines.

And if you look closely, you'll see that all other four links above my link are from the main Shakey's domain anyway. So that basically means that I'm second only to the main website of Shakey's itself. That's not something to be proud of because I've seen many sites like Munch Punch or Click the City go beyond the actual websites of the establishments, even just personal blogs. But...

And this is already all an effect of all the Google Panda algorithm updates they've been having. AND the fact that most restaurants and establishments are now considering SEO factors in their websites. It used to be that most of the official websites are on Flash and we all know that search engines can't really read flash (search engines can't really read per se as I've tackled several times in this blog). When I started with this whole making money through blogging stuff, I was second with Shakey's! This used to be one of my most lucrative links.

Historically, as you can see on the image above,  the screenshot shows that I've gotten 88,324 hits from that one article with only 412 words. And as seen on the comments, you'll see that people are commenting about their complaints about their Shakey's delivery experiences on my post. In the SEO industry, we get numbed by the numbers but, in reality, that's a lot of hits from just one link I didn't even put effort into making.

It does  further justify my point in my previous point about focusing on local keywords (see Top SEO Tips 2012). I am an SEO speculator, not a technician or expert as I've said in that post and here's my speculation about this issue:

My theory is that Google tests their algorithm updates on mobile because, no matter what, most of their search queries still come from non-mobile. The algorithm then is totally different between Google and the mobile Google app that can be found in most tablets and smartphones.

Even in YouTube, I tried searching for a song "Make You Smile" by Plus 44 before, and it didn't show up on my mobile Youtube app even when you search for it on your laptop or desktop's browser, it will readily show up. This shows how they totally have a different algorithm in that area (YouTube is owned by Google so it's probably a similar policy). They're also most likely testing out intellectual property rights (IPR) policies with music or movies in YouTube (see my blogs post about YouTube and  Intellectual Property Rights).

All that being said, with more and more people starting to use tablets and mobile as compared to laptops or desktops, we all need to make sure that our posts are optimized for both. For someone like me who ranks for many posts I've written, I don't really get to check or update each one by one especially on mobile! This is a grave mistake and I have learned my lesson.

Also, as I've mentioned before, these other sites I'm going up against are hiring SEO agencies, equipping themselves with armies of bloggers all building backlinks and whatnot. And here I am just some random guy who wrote 412 words for the keywords "Shakey's Delivery".

Hmm, I'll read more about the differences of mobile and non-mobile optimization tomorrow. For now, I sleep. I'm too drunk to process all this information right now. Hehehe cheers!

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