F*ck Yeah Social Media — Melanie Lynskey Replies to my Tweet

Access to a certain something made me remember to watch the recent episodes of House season 8. While watching episode 9, I had this "she looks familiar" moment when I saw guest star Melanie Lynskey. I found her oddly attractive in a "I know her from somewhere" kind of way. Turns out she's the confession booth girl from Detroit Rock City! That was surely a significant part of my childhood/growing up haha. 

So I message her on Twitter and she replies and even tagged Kath Lingenfelter, the producer of House (who then favorited her tweet!). It's really interesting how social media is connecting people. A long time ago, fanmail would have been snail mailed but now it's as easy as clicking a button.
melanie lynskey twitter
I did talk about this already in my post about Saoirse Ronan retweeting me. You can message Barrack Obama "leader of the free world" if you wanted. Who would have thought that Twitter, something that lets you post up 140 characters, could be so powerful. 

My friend finally told me about that quote I was talking about in my post about why Jeffrey Sachs is mistaken about libertarianism. Turns out it was Nietzsche who said "It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in an entire book." So I guess being limited to 140 characters, in a way, is a good thing. 

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