Why My Ad Views Spiked Yesterday and How Much I Earned

You'll be surprised how many people searched for the Jollibee Menu yesterday and how many of them landed in my HubPages.

adsense earnings

Well, obviously 4 dollars isn't a lot but hey it's free money for just lying around. Based on how it's trending, I would be getting my money by the end of December and sadly, if I don't do anything about it, it will remain more or less the same my last earning (hopefully not less) and it's really not enough and so there really is some work to be done. One struggle of this "self-employment" path I have chosen would be that there are times when I'm really broke and I'm just waiting for my earnings again.

Another 30-day challenge would surely be part of this plan to significantly increase my earnings. This time I really need to focus more on keywords and search engine visibility. Aside from that, I'm constantly thinking of ways to innovate and create new ideas of generating revenue. I actually met a web designer while I was in Bohol and the destined friendship seems promising.

money tree

I'd ideally be making more money, about 40% more but if you remember I have that 60/40 cut with HubPages where my ads are not shown 40% of the time. There are other things I can do to increase my earnings like by opting-in to the HubPages ad program instead of just focusing on Google AdSense. Plus there's the affiliate marketing programs of Amazon and Ebay but I'm not so sure about how they send money but surely it's something I should consider. With the HubPages ad program, I'm expecting faster earnings because their payment threshold is 50 dollars.

I really have to fix my PayPal or whatever other online money transfer service I need as soon as possible. I'm actually just waiting for HSBC to mail me a new credit card because for some reason the 3-digit security code thing on the back of my old card got erased. So as soon as I get that, there will be more means of income.

I'm now getting up to 40,000 views a month and who would have known that wouldn't be enough. But if I'm able to make that happen, surely I can make it grow even more. I've actually reached almost half a million views on HubPages alone for the 15 months that I have joined there. The problem now is how I can generate that kind of traffic in just one month.

My internet is not being so helpful right now. I'm actually downloading the Atlas Shrugged Part 1 movie. So yeah, might be an interesting night. Plus, I have a bunch of other shows just waiting to be watched. I might end up writing some more later (something I really have to do, actually). So be sure to follow me on twitter to get updated on my latest blog posts.

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