Collecting Google AdSense Payment Again on the 30th

I have to write. Kaialngan mag sulat. Kailangan ng pera. A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
google adsense payment schedule
My Google AdSense Payment Schedule

adsense earnings
It is determined to grow.

Neurosoup says I need to love the earth and connect with it and get a lot of sunlight. It does make sense because the sun is the giver of energy and life. And the earth does have the elements to heal and nourish me: water, shelter, food. She says I need L-Tryosine (found in meats, thus explaining my cravings to eat in chic-boy) to increase my dopamine and 5-HTP to increase my serotonin. I have been trying out the physical activity and socializing aspect. The latter, I am beginning to doubt, as I always have. Familiarity breeds contempt. On the spirituality aspect, hmm, well, I don't know. Waheguru.
"One sticks one’s finger into the soil to tell by the smell in what land one is: I stick my finger in my existence—it smells of nothing. Where am I? Who am I? How did I get here? What is this thing called the world? What does this world mean? Who is it that has lured me into the world? Why was I not consulted, why not made acquainted with its manners and customs instead of throwing me into the ranks, as if I had been bought by a kidnapper, a dealer in souls? How did I obtain an interest in this big enterprise they call reality? Why should I have an interest in it? Is it not a voluntary concern? And if I am to be compelled to take part in it, where is the director? I should like to make a remark to him. Is there no director? Whither shall I turn with my complaint?" - Kierkegaard
Politics is everywhere. 48 laws of power. Art of Seduction. Art of war. Almost everyone seems to have a strategy. They want to outwit, outplay, and outlast (tagline of Survivor). And that's what it feels like: survival of the fittest. Nietzsche called it The Will To Power. Does it make me sound smart if I make a Nietzsche reference?

All the world is a stage, yeah? Everyone is acting a role. And so what is identity, really? Why not take a ride in the Ship of Theseus? Everyone's invited, yeah?

I wonder how you feel (my dear reader), that I haven't been talking much about the entropy of internet content. I fear always that I might stray too far away from the "brand identity". Are you here to learn about search engine optimization?

Yes, someone has won the donut. I cannot disclose information about the individual as of now all I can say is that he/she is a bit far, like I have to cross islands far. I'm trying to be in touch and plotting how this could all work out. He/she probably doesn't even care if it's just one donut. But I am earning, I guess, might as well make it a box? I don't know. The future is uncertain.

Peas be with you. It's healthy.

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  1. It's good to see that you are really earning through Google AdSense. I am still lost, and though I write SEO articles in oDesk, I am too lazy to apply this in my own blog. Any advice or articles to guide me from the start.


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