Blogger's New Interface

Google decides to revamp Blogger's interface, well, because it's really embarrassing to be the number one search engine and yet have an inferior interface compared to their open source counterpart Wordpress.

blogger's new interface
Blogger's new interface

Much like any major change, there's a lot of getting used to that has to take place. There's a lot of things that I find very weird with their choices but hey, it's all still in beta testing stages (chances are yours is still in the old one and you can test out the new interface by activating it on your dashboard).

Though it's obviously a direct response to Wordpress, I don't really find that as a bad thing at all. In fact, I appreciate it and understand that it is all part of competition to force suppliers to innovate and provide better services.

Although this is just an interface overhaul, they're obviously giving more significance to SEO by prioritizing statistics and traffic sources and making the blogger more aware of the importance these data.
new interface of blogger
New interface of Blogger

It all furthers my conspiracy theory that Google Panda is, in fact, a threat to their competition knowing full well that websites like Wordpress or HubPages have been beating their very own baby when it comes to rankings. I've actually written about that before in my Blogger vs HubPages article and it's funny that if you go there you'll see that one of the comments mentioned by someone is that Blogger's interface is "a little bit ugly".

They've added a bunch of overdue stuff like spam detection, scheduled or timed posting, and some weird stalker-like feature that, as you can see on top of the photo, "wants to track" my physical location. I'm not really sure if I want that last one but it's a bit assuring that it's trying to ask for my consent.

There's still a lot that has to change with Blogger (although they're gradually changing things already) like with features, themes, image upload options, customizability and many others. Tumblr beats them when it comes to image quality, for instance. Wordpress, in my opinion, with the categories feature beats their stupid pages feature that is very limited (and sadly I'm stuck with).

I actually just came home from the beach and was just surprised by this new interface and I just had to blog about it. It's interesting though that I've already blogged about this 6 months ago when Google posted a teaser video (see Blogger is Coming Up With New Dashboard) and now I'm finally getting to try it out.

I'm tired and I will sleep now.

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