Blogger is Coming up with New Dashboard

There are many things I hate about blogger. First of all, the permalinks suck. It really doesn't make sense since Google owns blogger and they should understand the importance of permalinks. In my Wordpress blog, I am able to customize my permalinks per post. I've actually pointed out some of the weaknesses of Blogger in my Blogger vs Hubpages article.

The design and templates in Wordpress is also undeniably superior. Actually, if only offered to allow users to put ads, I'd switch right away. This is also the same reason that compels me to get domains and start blogs using the Wordpress CMS (eventually of course; it's all part of the plan).

But as I have said, Google owns Blogger and surely they wouldn't want to be beaten by competition. Wouldn't it be such a shame that they are being beaten especially when it comes to search engine optimization? Damn, the doesn't make sense, right? So here's a typography video made by Google where they praise Blogger and talk about how there will be a new dashboard or interface.

All in all, I am hopeful and I trust that Google will improve the design and features of Blogger to better suit the needs of the hardcore and awesome bloggers like me. Be sure to come back to get more updates and news about the world of blogging!

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