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Is Facebook Scared of Google Plus?

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Not so long after Google+ has been announced, Facebook partners with Skype to introduce video calls in their chat framework. I do feel that this is a direct response to Google+. Google has video and voice chat in their Gmail and surely Facebook was threatened by this.

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The interface of Google+ is very similar but has a different feel. I think people enjoy the learning curve and the new environment. From time to time, Facebook tries to change their interface knowing that consumers respond positively to it. I'm not saying that Google+ is better, what I am saying is that consumers will always benefit from competition. It forces both sides to provide a better service.

Recently, I heard that Facebook has blocked contacts transfer to Google+. People on Twitter found a way around this by first importing your contacts to Yahoo/Hotmail and then transferring it to Google+. Now doesn't that show weakness and fear?

There's really a lot of reasons why people will not be able to let go of Facebook. Of course, introducing video calls is a really good move. You won't need to download software anymore and just interact face to face with any of your Facebook contacts directly from your browser. At the same time, people's curiosity and desire for something unfamiliar will always make Google+ tempting.

It's really so drastic how social media can change the world and how we live. The future is uncertain and we never know what's gonna happen next. Maybe one day we won't even need Photoshop or After Effects anymore and it will all just be on your browser? You might not even need massive hardware specs anymore. Just a decent internet connection and you're set, right? It's somewhat exciting. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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