I found a kitten—his name is Ghandi

I found a kitten outside my house this morning. His name is Ghandi because he was on a hunger strike (he didn't want to drink the milk I bought for him). Quite an advocate of civil disobedience, this cat.

homeless kitten
Since people in India belive in reincarnation, he might actually really be Ghandi himself!

This is actually the second time for me to find a homeless kitten (see http://bit.ly/lvyPTC). He passed away after only a few days of being with me (he was much younger than Ghandi though). I can't help but feel responsible, you know? And now I can't really decide what the moral action is—do I continue trying to nurse him or do I set him free? Sartre referred to this as "anguish" or the fear of the unpredictable consequences of our free will.

I mean, I don't have the right to hold him in captivity. There's a reason why his parents left him to fend for himself just as tigers do to their young—to learn the basics of survival. He did end up finishing the milk when I got back this afternoon. But then is this domestication really what's good for him?

I would love to have a pet. I think this stems from not ever having pets when I was younger. We had several guard dogs but not really the type I can play with or whatever. But now I am faced with a moral dilemma and I feel as if I am playing God with the life of this fragile creature. I will most likely set him free. I'm sure the milk gives him a good start at learning to survive (stronger bones and all). I don't know. Morality is such a double-edged sword and I am appalled by it.

It's a shame since I have so many plans for him. I wanted to make him a website and blog about all the things he does and the progress of his growth. I mean, I have written about the success of LOL cats before. Would have been fun but I don't even know if I have the time to take care of him. I have to set him free.

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