Eric Nakagawa and Kari Unebasami Founders of

I read about blogging and other online success stories everyday but this is probably one of the most interesting ones that I've come across with. Eric Nakagawa and Kari Unebasami, created a site that features "LOL cats" called that gets up to half a million views each day or more.

And get this, they just used the free and opensource wordpress CMS. No technical coding required, no regard for SEO or keywords, the content is so simple (funny cats with funny captions), it just goes against almost all the rules of having a successful online business.

I don't even understand the humor at all but apparently their millions of unique visitors show that a lot of people find this funny and entertaining. Here are the two giving a talk about their story of how they started

I noticed that many things that succeeded with viral marketing are unplanned. Think of david after dentist, sneezing baby panda, Rebecca black, and Charlie Sheen. Surely, none of them really planned things to be this way but the point is they're getting millions of views (and of course this is my goal).

I can has cheeseburger? I don't understand. It makes my head hurt. It's almost like kryptonite for the left side of my brain. But I must not shun the idea or concept of the "LOL cat" away just because I don't understand it. Instead, I must study it carefully and learn from it. It will make me more powerful.

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