This Sunday the World will Eat my Spam

Did you know that the word "spam" actually came from a Monty Python sketch? Cool trivia, huh? Well this Sunday, I am expecting yet another spike in my stats because one of my hubs are ranking for the keywords Pacquiao vs Mosley results and surely those who miss out on watching the match will be searching for this online.

pacquiao spam
Manny Pacquiao loves eating Spam. It makes him happy and strong.

Many months ago, right after the match was announced I decided to write about it right away. After my experience with getting a lot of traffic for anticipating the rescue of the Chilean miners, combined with my experience of not being able to wake up early to watch the Pacquiao matches, I decided to apply the same concept, and as I have mentioned in one of my first articles on beating the search engine: the concept of Anticipative SEO was born.

google results pacquiao
In a way, this is also a lesson and somewhat of a waterloo moment in this war I have waged against the search engines. Many times since I wrote the blog post, it was actually the 4th result, at times even becoming the 3rd result. It's so unwise of me to become so complacent and confident. Now it is the 5th result. Even if I'm still expecting a lot of views from it, I should always aim for the number 1 spot and never be satisfied with just being in the front page. I must always keep in mind that I am up against companies who have an army of bloggers and SEO experts and they can outrank me easily and bump me off of the first page if they wanted.

As you can see, I'm already closing the payment threshold. This is actually a screenshot from this morning and now it's up to 97.74 already. Plus there's the expected spike on Sunday and probably a few days after that. I have cut down my payment time by around half already and this is expected to rise even more this coming June (if you check my top 10 ranking articles you will notice that some of them are queries by students thus explaining the slowdown in my traffic during this summer break).

The goal is to reach around 10 dollars a day just so I can justify that I'm earning around above the minimum wage (not that I support the minimum wage). And since I won't have to work, I'm gonna have more time allocated in cultivating my ideas, focus on my passions, and in the long run harbor more success.

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