On Technological Trends and Human Behavior

If there's one thing we learned about Twitter it is that trends don't last very long. There is always an end in a trend. It's interesting how if we observe human behavior, there are also these trends, things that are hyped up then eventually forgotten.

Many times, as consumers, we have to be very discerning and skeptical instead of just giving in to their marketing schemes. Just because it is more expensive doesn't mean it is better. Just because Lebron James is wearing it doesn't change its quality. And as in denial as I can be, not everything that Steve Jobs is selling is revolutionary and innovative (durability and repair service is in question as well).

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I realized this partly because recently I was able to use Adrienne Nicole Bernal's new Sennheiser earphones and I loved it. I realized that there was/still is a hype to certain earphones brands. Listening to music is something that I love and this passion for music gives me some sort of credibility to talk about this (not that I know much about technical aspect of it; my claims are all empirical). Here's my tweet about using her earphones for the first time:

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Skull Candy, for instance, became very trendy. Humans usually respond well to visual packaging. But when it comes comfort and ergonomics, it really doesn't score well.

Some people are also so into Beats by Dr. Dre and I understand why--I've tried it and loved it as well. There is also product placement in American Idol, watched by millions of viewers, thus adding to the hype. Personally, I find it is much too pricey. It looks very durable too, the materials used are really different (wire is thicker, connector thing looks sturdier). Once again though there's the comfort and ergonomics factor.

The conclusion is that Sennheiser is the brand for me. Wearing it is like putting pillows on your ears. It's just so light, as if embracing your head, and the sending beautiful music into your brain. The sound is very solid and powerful too, surprisingly from its lightweight structure. It's actually midrange when it comes to pricing as well. It looks not so durable though that's why I always tell her to take care of it.

Sennheiser is just not as well marketed, and maybe this is something that they are aiming for. Because they know that if they became trendy it will eventually become corny and it will end. And anyway, even if Sennheiser isn't as well marketed (maybe just in our region) the brand identity is very recallable and it has been known for its pedigree in the music industry. Beats by Dr. Dre is new and powerful but Sennheiser has been given the wisdom of experience and has has been a trusted brand for many years. And Skull Candy, well that's just a colorful toy for kids who like things that make sounds.

This is all just my personal opinion and analysis. What this teaches us is that we should be very discerning as consumers. This forces the suppliers to innovate and provide better service. Use social media tools, spread information about your experiences with products and services. Social media gives us a chance to voice out our concerns and complaints and we get to share useful information to our loved ones and other fellow consumers. Also, inform yourself, research before buying, and of course visit this blog religiously.

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