Relationship Building and Influencer Marketing

I previously posted another video of Gary Vaynerchuk in my post about the ROI of social media where he gave very interesting insights into communicating social media's ROI to conservative clients or traditional marketers. On the video below, he dives deeper to explain the amplification of a message through influencer marketing — and not in the way we have always viewed the concept.

He mentions that social media, at its most basic form, is the scaling of word-of-mouth. His key recommendation is that advocacy be done for the sake of advocacy and not necessarily or exclusively for the amplification. He points out that building a relationship is a greater advantage than the desired amplification.

He says that paid PR and seeded influencer marketing both have values and in a way they are not that different. I actually disagree with him because I believe that the media mileage companies get out of effective and strategic digital PR work is undervalued while at the same time there are some ridiculously overpriced non-strategic PR.

On the last part, they start talking about building relationships with consumers, employees, vendors, etc. (CRM, basically) especially because we have access to communication mediums unlike back then when brands would have to shout through a one-way communication model. Now, there's an opportunity to engage with people and to invest in them.

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