Is There An App For that?

"Signs you work in digital marketing: You ALWAYS wonder if there's an app for that," tweets Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe's venture into the realm of digital marketing. What they said is so true that it actually made me chuckle.

In my previous work, I had a chance to use Lithium Social Web, one of the first digital marketing tools I was exposed to. It gave a small group of people the power to engage thousands. Along with social listening tools, the power they gave the brand to engage with and get insights from thousands of customers in realtime is mind-blowing. 

Since that time, I've also learned about Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Sales Force, Zoho, Radian6, Mailchimp, just to name some of the more popular tools in community management, eCRM, social listening, and email makreting. And I as mentioned in a previous post I wrote, Philosophy of Language and Social Listening
... new tools coming from Israel, India, and Silicon Valley, many of which were still not available in the mainstream market. They ranged from tools that focused on engagement, marketing, CRM, social listening, etc. "There will always be gaps that need to be filled," ... each day, new problems are born and along with them are the potential for new solutions.
And now as I continue this career track in digital marketing, I am exposed to so many interesting tools, some even locally made. And every time there is a need or concern that needs to be addressed, I always find myself asking: is there an app for that?

And for every time, I'm sure chances are there is one that already exists somewhere out there.

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