Google and Startcom MediaVest Group SoLoMo Conference

A few weeks back, I got a chance to attend the SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) conference sponsored by Google and the Starcom MediaVest Group. Several of those from Google Philippines and Googlers from other parts of the world were there and presented some very exciting data.

Several local studies were presented on the potential of digital marketing for brands as mobile internet becomes more accessible for all. As of the moment, only 3% of mobile internet users are on some sort of data plan while the rest are still dependent on wifi -- this is expected to shift within 2014 according to their studies. One of the studies even showcased how search and social network usage in the Philippines for certain specific aspects surpass data taken from US studies. It's really very exciting stuff.

As I mentioned in my post about Google Hummingbird, Google is really putting effort into making sure that search queries are answered without even leaving their domain. This is very apparent in their efforts to dominate social media by integrating all their products. 

Sure, you don't use Google+ now but this could be a disadvantage for you or for your brand eventually. Products like Gmail or YouTube are now being integrated with Google+ profiles. Aside from that, the white space on the right side of search results will now be filled with "knowledge cards" and data for this will ideally be taken from brand pages on Google+. It really goes to show that Zuckerberg can't be complacent with his 1 billion users milestone. 

They also showcased the innovative and forward-thinking projects they are undertaking like Google Glass, the Self-Driving Car, Project Loon and many others that will surely change the way we live and interact in the near future.

The passion and energy of Googlers were really so contagious. The same can be said for the efforts of Starcom Mediavest Group who have partnered with this very innovative and forward-thinking company.

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