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During one of our classes on social media, we got to discuss social listening and how it is being used by brands here in the Philippines. Robin Leonard, CEO of ALLFamous Digital talked about Radian 6 — on of the most powerful social listening tools out there (and most expensive too!).

Social media has given marketing a realtime two-way communication model. As mentioned by one of my senior community managers at work, marketing is no longer all about talking but more importantly about listening and how we react to what we hear.

Leonard did mention that Globe telecom is one of the local brands harnessing the power of Radian 6 and I have been overhearing about it at work and seeing it in Lithium Social Web, the tool we use to engage in Twitter (see also Why Governments Should Emulate Globe Telecom's Social Media Initiatives).

In one of the examples, he also talked about Nescafe's canned coffee. In the beginning, they marketed it as coffee in a can but they noticed in their social listening tools that this is not what consumers are calling it as more people called it iced coffee. Being able to listen to your consumers in realtime will give you unbelievable insight that will help your marketing in both on and offline.

We even tried out Radian 6 and searched for keywords relating to Cebu Pacific, a local airline that has been in the news recently for a landing mishap. We immediately saw the negative sentiment spike during the time of the accident. We also noticed some social media influencers like celebrities talking about it. Some are even defending Cebu Pac and this goes to show that if you have a brand, you'll be able to engage and monitor those who are naturally emerging as brand ambassadors without even paying them. At the same time, you can engage those who have negative sentiments toward your brand (something I am all too familiar with haha).

Aside from this, NiƱa Terol-Zialcita, social media specialist of senator Kiko Pangilinan and Bam Aquino, discussed how politicians also have been using social media listening to monitor what's being said about their candidates. Although social media is still somewhat a nuisance in the Philippine political climate, it is definitely gaining traction as internet and smartphones become cheaper and more accesible.

Just yesterday, I read this really thought-provoking article 5 Trends in Social Listening Analytics that provided concrete examples of what brands can do with social listening. I am really amazed at how social listening is turning marketing into a more organic and relationship-centric field. And as time goes by, in such a competitive and innovative industry, social listening tools will have no choice but to push prices down and give access to ordinary people like me who doesn't have thousands of dollars to spend on Radian 6. The future is very exciting.

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