Technology Speculation: Tablets in Cars

Okay so we've seen DVD players, iPhone cables, GPS navigation systems, and other super awesome technology integrated with cars. I think they can all be combined in just one gadget and that would be by installing a tablet PC into your car. 

DISCLAIMER: I'm not sure if this has been done before. I'm lazy to Google. Plus, I'm sure it's so easy to DIY this shit. So please no smart ass comments about how this already exists. I'm thinking mainstream consumer market. Here's a crappy rendition of what I want:

Galaxy Tab installed in the interior of a Honda City

This idea came to me while road tripping with some friends in Batangas. At one point, I wish we could just stream music or videos. We even successfully used the GPS in my phone to help us get back home and if a tablet was installed in the car there would be no need for my phone or to buy an expensive GPS navigation gadget of some sort.

I'm thinking it can have a sim card of some sort and will have unlimited 3G or HSDPA access. I know this sounds expensive as a monthly plan but then competing car dealerships can use this as a marketing technique and maybe offer one year free unlimited data or something. We pay a lot to buy our cars anyway and adding a premium for unlimited data would be so useful. You can even make phone calls through your speakers. Maybe even add that "Siri" element and have an assistant of some sort to help you with directions or remind you if your tire air pressure is low or something.

Many car companies have already partnered with companies like Apple, integrating their products. I really think that in the very near future, cars will have this kind of technology in a mainstream consumer market (cos again, I'm sure someone already has this or has thought of this).

How I wish this was true. Long drives and traffic will be more fun and entertaining for passengers. Road safety apps can be developed. The possibilities are endless. And it's just as simple as installing something like a Galaxy Tab in your car.

Anyway, I'll post the video of our trip to Batangas real soon. I'm gonna have to find that stupid firewire 800 cable so I can transfer the video. It's annoying that's it's always only missing when I need it.


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