I Miss My MacbookPro

The little things matter. The shortcuts for screenshots, the efficiency of workflow with editing, the super useful bundled software (even without Ableton Live, I can easily just use GarageBand for making music). All these things just make my life easier.

Lately, I've been confiding to future garage, the chill type 'liquid' dubstep, and of course a lot of lovely drum and bass. That song above is one of the songs I found randomly and I really love it. It's so chill.

Perhaps because it's also the more powerful speakers of the laptop I'm using now. Also, I've been watching a bunch of stuff like this show "The River" and it's really so engaging to watch in the HD screen of this laptop (I'm using the HP HDX 18t right now).

So forgive me if I haven't been in the mood to write in this blog. I'd rather watch stuff or soundtrip.

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