Harry is Looking for a Job! - also, a new Twitter account so you can follow his progress in real-time

Back when I had my OJT, I created a Twitter account specifically to track and record my progress. I felt that it was smart, forward-thinking, and a witty utilization of social media.
Check out @HarrySantosOJT to see my real-time tweets during my internship

My adviser, professors, family and friends, they could all be updated in real-time about what I've been up to during my OJT. Many times, they are useless tweets. But now that I am reading them again, I actually find them entertaining and memorable.

And so my parents are rather disappointed about my current state of "doing nothing" and suggest that I should go look for work, get experience, learn "discipline", even for just a year or so. I haven't even really began trying and I'm already so bored and I want to puke so let's make this interesting. I just created a new Twitter account specifically for updates on looking for work (and eventually updates on whatever work I'm hopefully accepted in). Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you: @WorkingHarry.

@WorkingHarry is @harryinitiative's quest to lower the unemployment rate of our country

I could be tweeting stuff about how I'm trying to update my resume or who I'll be sending it to or my experiences during job interviews, stuff like that. Might be fun, yeah?

I was listening to this playlist a while ago in the shower.

Peas be with you. Green peas.

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